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The classic cheesy pleasure from your childhood needs a stunt that will get people excited about big blocks of cheese and Velveeta’s new brand positioning: La Dolce Velveeta.




Studio Aardman is running out of clay and Velveeta’s cheese is the smoothest on the market, and also slightly moldable.

Case study:

AD and CW: Oliver Pollock, Mateo Perez AD, Colin Klein AD

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Studio Aardman Is running out of clay!

Yep, a hard truth to swallow. Aardman studios was running out of clay after their main supplier went out of business putting them at risk of never releasing any more films…So How does Velveeta fit into all of this?


Thats right...


Using Velveeta’s classic blocks of cheese as material to animate, Studio Aardman will continue to make their star characters (Wallace and Gromit) perform. And together a new film will be released taking inspiration from La Dolce Vita.

Turning this:

Into this:

Want to see it again?


The film, in collaboration with Studio Aardman, will explore La Dolce Vita themes, while still pointing out the true desire for anyone (especially Wallace) is cheese. The film will also feature Velveetas smooth and yellow-y cheese in every single frame. 


Like any movie, we’ll put these posters where movie goers can see them.

And it won’t stop there!

The Big Cheesy Moon

Inspired by The Wallace and Gromit classic, A Grand Day Out,  We’ll promote the movie by putting a giant cheesy moon in NYC, where you can sit comfortably and snack on the Velveeta Cheesy moon while watching the feature. 

This is inside. >>>



To inspire cheese-mation creation at home. Velveeta will promote users to make a story relating to their own take on La Dolce Vida using their own cheese. This will all be tracked through the play with your food hashtag. 


This mind-boggling stunt ought to get someone talking. 

newspaper with wallace and gromit