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AI doesn't get movies.

Netflix, Hulu, and HBO are all going to give you movie recommendations. But where is that coming from? You guessed it, Artificial Intelligence. Unfortunately AI has never, and could never comprehend a movie the way us HUMANS can do it. So lets prove it….


Up and coming cinephiles aged 25-30.


There is nothing better than picking a movie that is recommended for you by real people. Artificial intelligence has no place in recommending movies it hasn’t even seen. 

AD and CW: Oliver Pollock, Amber King, Ringo Joon.


We had AI make movie posters of what it thought popular movies were actually about (using Midjourney and other AI tools, plus the Adobe creative suite to add original elements. 


Where else would these be? Outside movie theaters, malls etc. OBVIOUSLY

AI Disaster Movie Marathon:


A movie marathon of films inspired by the literal movie posters from this campaign. Here, film students will be able to really show how wrong AI got it. 

A.I. Admits:

When we posed the question of the greatest movie of all time to ChatGPT, it became evident that the intricacies of cinematic artistry and personal preferences eluded its algorithmic grasp. 


AI Reacts:

Take to social media and really push the uncanny feeling of AI’s actual reaction to a very human (emotional) scene from some of the most popular films of our time.  


This reaction was taken from asking Chat GPT what it thought of the Mufasa death scene in the Lion King.

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The Film box:

Letterboxd sponsors some of its top members. Putting together their most popular lists in a filmbox that any walker by can enjoy.