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Fanta: The rebrand.

Targeting teens, we want Fanta to be more than a drink, we want it to be a symbol of individuality. Fanta taps into rave culture transforming evenings with vibrant colors, redefining youthful nightlife. “Lit by Fanta”


Teens born after 2004.


Fanta, renowned for its strikingly bright and neon-esque hues, stands out as a beacon of vibrancy in an often dull world. Embracing this identity, Fanta boldly asserts its place in contemporary culture, particularly among neon aesthetics. This connection is not just visual but symbolic, as Fanta aligns itself with youthful energy and creativity.

AD and CW: Oliver Pollock, Coco Loomis, Charlotte Garett.

Limited time glow-in-the-dark bottles. (With glow-in-the-dark glass)

Fridge gets lit

Fanta lights up your local gas station fridge, and brings some color to your night.


Fanta will paint the walls with electric neon, glow-in-the-dark paint to create murals that are truly Lit by Fanta.

Fanta Fixtures:

Fanta transforms 18+ club nights, offering a cool, non-alcoholic choice. The atmosphere is electrified with ‘Lit by Fanta’ light fixtures, creating unforgettable moments.

Neon Necessities

Neon-themed merch for Fanta’s audience of partiers at festivals, raves, and concerts. Facepaint, Clear bag, and fan.



Fans will submit  artwork inspired by “Lit by Fanta” using the hashtag #litbyfanta.

Fanta goes basic:


Launching on National Dull Day, August 9th, Fanta’s playful social stunt introduces “Basic Fanta,” humorously challenging traditional colas.