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Our idea was to use the popular notion of an apocalyptic future and spin it into a positive, with Alltrails as the champion. Alltrails will prepare its users to happily coexist with nature (once nature takes over), and will also promote the return of nature into urban environments. 


36-36 year olds living in urban environments.


For city dwellers the apocalypse is all too easy to picture, yet nature is generally not easy to get out in.

CW: Bridget Cleary

AD: Oliver Pollock, Mary Ryan Huerter


Overgrown OOH:

Mall takeover:

Nature is knocking

Hijack a mall and turn it into a scene taken straight out of television. Plants will cover the space and transform it into an experience that feels like nature is taking over. Alltrials signage will direct people to the app so they can get this close to nature more often.

All Hail the Mother

Sandwich boards.

Alltrails will have happy people hold up gentle warning signs and give out pamphlets about the new “natural” beginning. Pamphlet will explain how to save yourself with a QR code to the Alltrails app.

Natures Grafiti

Alltrails will use chia to make branded nature “vandalism.” Nature will speak up about its future plans and warn readers walking by.

The Last of Us


Frequent users of the Alltrails app will have the opportunity to unlock a super special reward. An awesome DLC available for the Last of Us videogame. This DLC will allow users to explore the games beautiful landscapes without the fears of terrifying fungus zombies attacking them.