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The Perfect Stock Photo

NotHangover is a probiotic hangover cure. So the morning after you use one you should feel perfect no matter the antics from the night before. One could say you could feel as perfect as a stock photo…


Creative professionals.


Thanks to NotCo hangover remover, no one will know where you were last night, nor what horrible or awesome things you did, because the next morning you’ll look perfect. Maybe too perfect. 

AD and CW: Oliver Pollock, Coco Loomis, Charlotte Garett.


NotCO will partner with Shutterstock, and all of the site’s stock photos for a week will suddenly have NotHangover watermarks, changed to tell wild drunk backstories.

Party tab

As a second part to the partnership, NotCO will sponsor a “party” tab on Shutterstock, showcasing wild nights in perfect stock photography style.

Target frames:

NotCO will execute a stunt in busy Target stores, swapping stock photography in picture frames with NotHangover ads within the store’s framing section.

What happened last night?


NotCO will create an Apple Watch app that tracks your heart rate and records your final 30 minutes out, capturing those questionable antics.



NotCo will start posting ‘meme’ type of Instagram posts relating to being drunk the night before.


Nobody’s gonna know:

NotCO will tap into the popular Tik Tok Trend and make their own spin on it showcasing that with NotHangover Nobody’s going  to know about the wild night they had.